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Project Title: Structure-function relationship of Cas-endonucleases

Project description:
CRISPR-Cas systems are used by prokaryotes to defend themselves against phages, invading nucleic acids and mobile genetic elements. These adaptive immune systems consist of a genomic CRISPR-locus, which is transcribed in the crRNA and one (or a complex) effector nuclease, that cleaves the target nucleic acid in a crRNA-sequence dependent manner. The RNA-guided, sequence-dependent cleavage of double stranded DNA by the Cas9 endonuclease of Streptococcus pyogenes is currently exploited for the site-specific genome modification of various organisms and has revolutionized the field of biology.
Prokaryotes and archaea possess numerous, highly diverse Cas-systems, with to date unknown natural functions and mechanisms of action, as well as a large number of such systems still remaining to be discovered. Recent studies show that CRISPR-Cas systems are not merely prokaryotic defence mechanisms, but also play a role in DNA repair, regulation of gene expression, virulence and horizontal gene transfer.

We are part of the Priority Program "More than defence: the multiple functions and facets of CRISPR-Cas", and are interested in the function and structural biology of novel Cas-endonucleases and are looking for a highly motivated Master and/or PhD student of chemistry, biochemistry or related subject to join our team.

Funding available starting from: 01.03.2019, contact sabine.schneider@mytum.de


Studentische Hilfskraft in der "Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Naturwissenschaftlichen Sammlungen Bayerns (SNSB)" gesucht, ab sofort (pdf, 66 kB)

Studentische Hilfskraft im Büro der Frauenbeauftragten ab 15.1.2019 gesucht (pdf, 160 kB)

Master thesis "Identification and assessment of confiscated shark fins" (pdf, 675 kB)