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Mirpuri Foundation Ocean Award 2022

17.03.2022 – 08.06.2022

As part of their Marine Conservation Program, the Mirpuri Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Portugal, is  currently organizing the 2nd edition of the Mirpuri Foundation Ocean Award, which recognises excellence and rewards the scientific community for contributing to the health of our oceans.

Candidates can apply to the Mirpuri Foundation Ocean Award by presenting their project with a beneficial impact on the oceans. The scientific poster should be sent to oceanaward@mirpurifoundation.org by the 8th of June, the World Oceans Day. The winner will receive a prize money of €5.000 and a trophy at a ceremony in July 2022, in Portugal.

For more information, please see the document and visit our website.

We are looking forward to discovering projects that go hand in hand with the Mirpuri Foundation’s work and aim to create a better world.