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External Master Thesis

At the Medical genetic center in Munich (MGZ)


We are seeking an enthusiastic master's student to join our research team in the field of epigenetics and genomics. In this project, you will explore X chromosome inactivation (XCI) using nanopore sequencing. X-linked genetic disorders affect females less severely due to their second X chromosome, but variable phenotypic expression is influenced by XCI, particularly skewed XCI, impacting disease severity. Accurate measurement of skewed XCI is crucial for predicting disease susceptibility when preventative treatment is available. In this project, we aim to quantify sequence variants and methylation patterns in order to characterize the X chromosome disease variant and skew and its directionality in patients.

Additionally, you will be involved in developing a protocol for multiplexing nanopore Cas9-enriched sequencing runs, which promises to streamline genomic studies. This part of the project will have a broader impact on the genomics community, offering a more efficient and cost-effective approach to sequencing.

Your tasks
• DNA extraction and preparation of nanopore sequencing libraries
• Optimization of nanopore Cas9-enrichment multiplexing and adaptive sampling protocols
• Documentation of experiments
• Assist with long read sequencing data analysis

Your profile
● Pursuing a Masters in molecular genetics, biology, biomedicine, biochemistry, or a relevant field
● Hands-on experience in molecular biology (DNA extraction and DNA library preparation preferred)
● Theoretical knowledge of genetics (genome structure, modes of inheritance)
● Working knowledge of sequencing data processing and analysis methodology (mapping, data visualization, interpretation)
● Experience in sequencing data analysis is a plus but not required
Fluent in German and English

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